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Children give life lesson in Walmart action

Por: Adsoftheworld 25 de Dezembro de 2015

The US Walmart created a social experiment in the form of live action marketing for this Christmas, and sends a message that children can be happy both gaining a great gift, as donating one for those without conditions.

As part of the action, directed by Saatchi New York, it has made a video which shows children who can choose any toy market shelves and decide to stay with this, or donate for those who can't afford to win one.

Photo: Disclosure.

Surprisingly more than 80% of children chosen donating the toy. The video is shot sweetly with authentic comments from children.

A virtual action was also initiated to encourage parents to posting videos of their own children asking if they would rather win or donate a gift and use the hashtag #fillthetruck to spread the Christmas message.

Check out the video of this exciting action: