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Chevrolet smash victims cell phones during promotional action

Por: Informa BTL.. 7 de Outubro de 2015

The mobile phone has become an indispensable gadget in the lives of many people and that is why more and have more features, you can forget the house keys, but the phone never and many brands have taken advantage of this technological apparatus achieve its objective by of.

In this context dependency on mobile, Chevrolet made an activation wich "terrorized" those who were a part of it, because they destroyed what mattered in life, your cell phone.

Photo: Disclosure.

As is well known, the promotional marketing actions immediately come to mark with your target, moreover, are cleavable ?? and the results can be measured in real time, which benefits no doubt the brand that is applicable because not have to wait a lot of time to find out if your product will be well received in the market.

To enable its new model, the Chevrolet Cruze, which is equipped with a Wi-Fi, so strong that, according to the brand can be connected up to seven mobile devices.

For it brought together a group of people who asked their phones and later to play a crusher machine.

Here's a video that shows the surprised people: