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Beverage brand tests the honesty of Americans

Por: Adsoftheworld. 22 de Janeiro de 2016

The brand of natural drinks Honest Tea has received the collaboration of the Amalgamated agency to conduct a social experiment and identify the most honest American cities. The brand has led to action in 30 US cities to find out where there are more honest people.

People were invited to deposit a dollar in a box in exchange for a bottle of Honest Tea drink, with no one taking care of sales.

Photo: Disclosure.

The results of the experiment were published on a website called "The National Honesty Index", where people can see the honesty percentage of his hometown and also get a discount coupon. The overall result of the study indicated that 93 percent of participants were honest.

Two cities recorded 100 percent honesty: Salt Lake City and Oakland. Among the most honest cities also ranked San Francisco, Boston, Las Vegas and Chicago.

The cities: Brooklyn and Chelsea Piers occupied the lowest positions. This particular action could generate engagement through brand identity as Honest is proud to be a 100 percent natural and drink their drinks have been certified as organic in 2004.

Check out the video Honesty Index: