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Beer brand creates the first ice table foosball

Por: Adsoftheworld. 18 de Dezembro de 2015

Beer brands have a real challenge when it comes to advertise their products, this must be done in ways at least attractive to consumers, but also need to send a message that excessive drinking is not recommended.

Putting together all this knowledge, the brewing  brand Coors Light held a innovative live marketing action that could join sport with a drink in a very interesting way to present their product and also entertain the participants.

Photo: Disclosure.

The brand became a traditional foosball table in a different refrigerator. The place where the ball rolls, ice sheets were placed, forming an icy field, for people to have fun with the game, and at the end of the party when the glacier melted, it was revealed as a surprise to the people who were on site.

The idea was developed by the agency Bravo / Y & R, below the video of this refreshing live marketing action: