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Bakehouse raises awareness against breast cancer

Por: 18 de Novembro de 2015 00:01

Last October, the World Day Against Breast Cancer, so many brands and retailers undertook social activities to raise awareness among women of the importance of self-examination, as in the case of the Brazilian bakery Requinte that through a promotional marketing action sought to combat this evil.

Imam was the agency responsible for developing the idea with which the retailer joined this battle year after year thousands of women worldwide carrying: a pink bread accompanied by information to save the lives of many people.

Photo: Disclosure.

This bread was divided among their female clients who with a special package and a leaflet inviting them not to neglect their health and a yearly checkup.

Requinte exploded on live marketing for a social cause and showed that no matter what the brand industry are, you can always rest with creativity of their products or services to start successful marketing actions.