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Australia helds the first Nutella-Palooza festival

Por: Adsoftheworld 12 de Janeiro de 2016

Nutella, the hazelnut cream's brand is a favorite of thousands of people worldwide, decided to go further and create a unique event whose sole protagonist is your product so that next April 9 in Australia It will be held the first Nutella-Palooza festival.

According to Brandirectory, this Italian brand is worth a thousand 165 million dollars (MDD) below Armani (two thousand 889 million dollars), Ferrari (four thousand 747) and Gucci (six thousand 712 million dollars).

Photos: Instagram of Nutella.

Nutella has become over the years, the preferred dessert at breakfast time, so thousands of people profess an unconditional love for the brand. This festival is like being in heaven, because there will be tastings, outlets, food trucks, art installations, among other things, whose main ingredient is hazelnut cream.

This sweet event will be held at Bonython Park, in Adelaide city, and will be the perfect opportunity for all cooks who want to demonstrate their culinary skills, since their dishes obviously containing Nutella.