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Anti Human Trafficking action caught people by surprise

Por: Adsoftheworld. 30 de Outubro de 2015

The International Labour Organization (ILO) found that more than 20 million people are forced to do hard labor (including sexual exploitation) worldwide, of which at least 1.8 million are in Latin America and the Caribbean.

However, this serious problem remains deconhecido for many people who argue, "it will never happen to me", then the Salvation Army made a social action in Johannesburg in South Africa to demonstrate how quickly and easily a person can fall victim this crime.

Photo: Disclosure.

Using Owen Kessel agency Leo Burnett agency, they set up a booth at an exhibition where he showed as a global brand offering an irresistible job offer for participants to fall into the trap.

When it was accessed the supply of labor, people were asked to register their cell phone number to keep up, but seconds later received an SMS that left them terrified.

The video of the action ends with the phrase, "if something seems too good to be true, it's because it is.". With this message the agency managed to cause much impact on the topic generating a real buzz on social networks.

Here's how easy it is to be a victim of this type of crime: