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Action reveals the true monsters of the seas

Por: Adsoftheworld 16 de Novembro de 2015 00:01

According to Greenpeace, the world has more than 300 species of sharks pose no danger to humans, most of them quite measure up to two meters long, making it more likely that a person dying of a mosquito bite or a ray that an attack by these animals.

However, these animals are hunted by the thousands, about 100 million sharks are caught every year because its fin is considered a good luck charm and prestige, as well as being used as a gourmet food in some parts of the world.

Photo: Disclosure.

In this situation, the Wild Aid organization decided to launch an action of social marketing that puts the proof who the real monster: the human being.

Through print advertising, reports that every year 11,000 people kill sharks, about 400 per hour while these marine animals kill 12 people a year (usually in accidents).

This action was launched in the UK and was in charge of Featherwax agency.