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Action generates social integration of people with disabilities

Por: Adsoftheworld 14 de Janeiro de 2016

One of the main problems of people with disabilities faces is the denial or voluntary or involuntary inability to integrate with the rest of the people in public activities.

To eliminate this behavior, the Suhanj NGO in partnership with Grey Budapest agency created social action "The Integration Table Soccer" a foosball which some of the players of the figures are people with disabilities, some in a wheelchair, or blind or who have a prosthesis.

Photo: Disclosure.

The goal was to show that, despite physical or motor differences, people can live together without problems and perform multiple activities. This popular game was placed in the most popular bar in Budapest, where customers could use and learn about organized sporting events Suhanj.

This social marketing action caught the attention of local media, generated five times more hits to the organization's website, the new registered members and twice as many people registered for the next event.

Check out the video below: