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World Cup should generate up to 48.000 jobs in tourism

The World Cup is expected to generate 47,900 job vacancies in the tourism sector in the 12 states hosting the competition between the months of April and June of this year. The estimate was calculated by the National Confederation of Trade, Services and Tourism (CNC), based on the estimated flow of 3.6 million tourists throughout the country during the competition, from June12 to July 13. CNC's economist, Fabio Bentes, notes that the number is 60% bigger than the job vacancies generation in the 12 states during the same period last year (29,500). Nevertheless, most of these jobs will be temporary. "Very few people should be absorbed after the World Cup, because the tourism industry is not doing so well this year. It is natural that, after the World Cup, there will be a downsizing of these hirings, after all, they are temporary jobs", said Bentes. According to CNC, the food sector will respond to most of the jobs generation. Approximately, 16,100 vacancies, or 33.5% of the total, should be created by bars and restaurants, which are the main tourist segment according to the Confederation. Passenger transportation should open 14 thousand jobs (29.2% of the total), while hotels, hostels and similar account for 12,300 new jobs (25.7%). Other sectors will generate fewer positions, such as cultural and recreational services (3800) and travel agencies (1700). In terms of remuneration, the biggest ones will be paid by travel agencies (R$ 1,626). In second, comes the transport of passengers (R$ 1,449), cultural and recreational services (R$ 1,397), food (R$ 935) and lodging (R$ 900). Source: Brazil Agency