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Studies show that every hour a person dies in a traffic accident. Based on information of this nature, Samsung has created a social responsibility action called: Samsung Safety Truck. In this action, a cargo truck had a screen installed on it's back that shows what is going on over the road, facilitating overtaking vehicles that are behind the truck.

Photos: Disclosure.
  A camera located on the front of the vehicle is connected to four screens that rely on wireless system installed in the rear doors, so that the transmission of images in real time is done at any time of day or night, because the cameras have technology night vision. Samsung Safety Truck is a partnership held between Samsung and the Argentine brand Ingematica. The idea promotes a safer life on the roads, making overtaking and avoiding setbacks as hard braking and running over animals. We think the super creative and well-needed idea, until we find large vehicles such as trucks and buses could even adopt this feature in real life. The company created a blog telling the details of the project, available here. Take a tour of this new still waiting to be applied on asphalt: