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In Germany, retail channels are exploiting the technology to reach consumers at any time, anywhere and innovative purchasing options. Proof of this is the store chain Goertz shoes installed a virtual shoes tester in central public transport stations. Goertz, popular German shoes store, made this technological facility in busy train stations in Germany, in order to attract customers to a new way to interact with and purchase products.

Photo: Youtube's Reproductuion.
The Kempertrautmann agency was commissioned to develop the project and present passengers with a direct virtual shop in the station, placing a stand with a mirror and sensors with Kinect technology to scan the body of the shopper. The software made available to customers with a catalog of your favorite shoes to prove it. If the shoes convinced could make the purchase by scanning a QR code and receive them at home in 24 hours. But if they were not sure they could share their choices one Facebook and ask the opinion of their friends. This live marketing's action was certainly innovative and attractive, however, many customers might also prefer to see and feel the shoes. Here the spot of the action: