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You live in a city of 15 million people and it seems like litter is everywhere. One day, while on a busy street, you come upon a bright red Coca-Cola machine, but upon closer inspection you realize it is not a soda dispenser, but instead an arcade game. You dig through your pocket for some change and bend down to insert your coin, only to see a 20oz bottle-shaped hole. Glancing back at the screen you see the words ‘Insert bottle to play.’

Divulgação/ Coca-Cola
[caption id="attachment_394397" align="aligncenter" width="560"] Recycling machine in Bangladesh[/caption] Dhaka is a city in Bangladesh that has a huge waste problem. To raise some awareness, Coca-Cola teamed up with Grey Dhaka, a local advertising agency, and together came up with the ‘Happiness Arcade.’ Placed is six heavily populated areas around the city on six different days, the machine encouraged passers-by to input a Coca-Cola bottle for a round of ping-pong like play. When the game is over, the words ‘Remember to take care of our environment’ appear on the screen. The video below states that thousands of bottles were collected during those six days, which were then turned into pellets that will be reused later. Though the ‘Happiness Arcade’ is not a feasible sustainable recycling endeavor, Coca-Cola is hoping to send it to several other countries around the world before retiring it. In the mean time, we can all continue to look for ways to make recycling fun. Via: PSFK