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One of the great passions of men (and many women) is soccer, a sport that can unite people and convey the same emotions. Knowing this, Coca-Cola decided to implement an promotional marketing action to consent the consumers. To reaffirm as a lovemark and using their branding, Coca Cola, took the Uefa Champions League, as part of the marketing strategy,  so fans of the teams Atletico Madrid, FC Barcelona, ??Valencia FC and Celta Vigo, lived unique experiences watching their favorite teams at the stadium.

Photo: Disclosure
Through a promotion, football fans and loyal consumers of the drink, were recorded via the Internet to win a night in the stadium where the Athletic-Barcelona match to be disputed and enjoy the match in Valencia-Celtic, in a couch inside the stadium. With this promotional marketing action, the brand managed to create unique experiences in the lucky winners who will remember those moments for the rest of your life and therefore will always be present to Coca-Cola, because thanks to the brand enjoyed his passion for football in a way unique, innovative and creative. Here we leave these two videos of the winners of the Coca-Cola's promotion: