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FCB Brazil had a big hit last May with its "Speaking Exchange" idea for CNA Language Schools, a promotional marketing action that connected young Brazilians wanting to learn English with elderly Americans in retirement homes looking for someone to talk to. (The work took home 10 Lions from Cannes, and was among the 10 most-awarded campaigns there.) Now, agency and client are back with a follow-up, featuring another interesting way to get Brazilians some real-world practice with their English.
Fotos: Reprodução/YouTube.
This time the partner is Bella Vista Pizzeria in Culver City, Calif. Customers who call the pizza place can choose to place their order as usual, or be connected to a student in São Paulo who can take the order instead. If they chose the latter, they're compensated by way of discounts, depending on how long they chat with the students. The video isn't as heartwarming as the original. The pizza orders are way more transactional, and the cultural meeting point here is less starkly fascinating than before. CNA But as mentioned at the end of the new clip, this model is probably more scalable, and thus, perhaps even more useful in the long run. Indeed, CNA is now asking businesses in the U.S. that accept customer orders by phone to visit the CNA website and sign up for similar programs.