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In Europe, Imagobox, an agency specializing in branding and packaging design advertising, created a live marketing action to demonstrate the effectiveness of their services and show that both on the street and in the selling point "well packed, better noticed." This is an innovative and genuine marketing strategy demonstrates the power of the image of a package anywhere and at Imagobox time does not work for a client in space, but to the object itself.

Photos: Divulgation.
The goal was to demonstrate that we see daily in the street trash cans, benches and other spaces that go unnoticed until some detail was added to them, in this case, a creative package that caught the attention of passersby. IMAGO-BOX  (7) Not only a simple packaging, the brand gave them an artistic touch and managed with this marketing strategy that people started using bins or bicycle parking spaces were given life once in an original way. Check out the video of this creative action: