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Outdoor bites people in London

Por: Adsoftheworld 31 de Dezembro de 2015 00:01

The billboards and posters have been great allies in promotional marketing actions, along with the advent of technology, these have become increasingly interactive, causing the consumer to be part of the action, as did the British brand Britvic.

To activate it's new line of drinks, which is made with spices and chocolate, she decided to install an interactive billboard at a bus stop, so that more people could see it, but it hid a surprise inside.

Photo: Disclosure.


Within the outdoor, there was a wolf, which was on the prowl and approached the screen at times when people nearby were distracted, and at the end of it he took a bite wich caused goosebumps!

This live marketing action, certainly gave a shock to those who quietly waited his bus, and also meant that people were looking for more about the brand you were viewing.

Check out vieo below: